Linux Indy car organizer writes in

His name is Ken Starks aka Helios and you can see his full comment at the bottom of my last post about the Tux500 fundraising efforts here. Basically Ken says he’s grateful to me for mentioning his efforts and he’ll try to make the most of the free publicity. Money quote: “So let this comment serve as fair notice of my intentions. I fully intend to squeeze every pixel of matter out of your comments to our benefit. Time for gentlemanly behavior has past. My Alpha-Male is now in charge and how I hate him. None the less, he is driving now and he tells me this is perfect propaganda for our purpose.”

To see a photo of the Alpha Male, go here. Warning: When you see him, you’re going to want to use Linux.

Good news is that since my post yesterday the Tux500 effort has surged again, reaching $12,003.34, up from $11,927.88 only 24 hours ago. That’s huge, people. We’re gonna do this!