This is a true story, I swear

I’m not supposed to tell anyone this. But here’s what really happened behind the scenes at D yesterday. So as you recall, I did a solo appearance with Walt during the day and made that crack about how when Apple makes iTunes for Windows it is like giving ice water to people in hell. Funny, no? Well, Beastmaster Bill went ballistic. Threatened to pull out of the joint appearance. Told Walt and Kara in no uncertain terms that he would pull out and never come back to their stupid show. Turns out Bill also really, really hates our “I’m a Mac” ads. Like he goes nuts if you mention them. So Walt and Kara had to appease him by promising that the joint appearance would be total softball, no tough questions. So Bill sniffed and said Okay, he was here anyway, so what the hell.

Then right before we were going onstage I walked over and handed him a bottle of ice-cold water. Nice touch, right?

I swear this is true.