IBM, your trusted computing partner

IBM has lost tapes containing thousands of records for former employees and some customers. See here. The incident happened Feb. 23 but in the spirit of radical transparency IBM didn’t cop to it until some of the victims leaked it to the press. Best line in the story is where IBM’s flack is asked how many people are affected and he says, “It’s a plural number.” IBM flacks, you are the best! IBM, the world’s largest provider of computer services, including storage and security, says it has looked really, really, really hard and still can’t find the tapes that mysteriously fell out of a vehicle and vanished into thin air. But as long as there’s nothing on them that’s relevant to any lawsuits, chances are they’ll probably be found at some point. On the other hand, if the tapes do contain information that might help an IBM lawsuit opponent, well, fuggedaboutit. Don’t believe me? Ask the dudes at Compuware.