"I love my job. I hate my customers."

That’s a quote from Ed Zander of Motorola. But it turns out Linus Torvalds feels pretty much the same way. Word is he secretly flew into the Bay Area recently for some huge hedonistic luau party up in the Santa Cruz Mountains with a bunch of world-class uber-hackers hosted by a famous traitor to the Linux cause. From what I’m told someone asked Linus about the Tux500 Indy car effort and that just set him off. Fair enough, he’d had a bit to drink. Whatever.

Thing is, I really like Linus. He’s an awesome guy. Ask anyone who’s met him. He’s pretty amazing. Great programmer but an even better human being. How he deals with the freetards is beyond me. Not only does he have to hang out with pathetic weenies dreaming up stupid ideas like sponsoring race cars and using his trademark without his permission. He’s also got to deal with Richard Stallman, who is determined to frig up Linux if it’s the last thing he ever does. Yet somehow L.T. (as we call him) stays Zen through it all. Except when he’s hammered at parties in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Hey, shit happens.

Also: Click on the photo above and in the enlarged version check out the guy in the back, at right, with the beard and propeller beanie. Then tell me you don’t feel bad for Linus.