I love going to Cannes, but still

So Bono is in Cannes with Graydon Carter from Vanity Fair and he’s been bugging the crap out of me to fly over and hang out with him this weekend. I’ve got the Jobs Jet fueled up and ready to go, and Larry says he wants to come along too and chase tail. Truth is I could use a little R&R and Cannes is gorgeous at this time of year. But I know what’s going to happen. Bono will get loaded and start giving me shit about the smoke problem at his apartment in the San Remo, which okay I guess I should have disclosed when I sold the place to him. My feeling is, Hey, I gave the guy a huge deal on that place anyway. And I told him to hire a home inspector, but he said there was no need, he trusted me. Caveat emptor, as they say in French.