They call me Mr. Integrity

So recently the staff at PC World got all in a kerfuffle and its editor actually quit because their new CEO Colin Crawford spiked an article called “10 Things We Hate About Apple.” Colin is a former Macworld guy and has my bite marks on his rump to prove it. (Right next to the 666 left by my branding iron.) He sure knew better than to let these punks make fun of El Jobso. See my full report here. Well I’m glad to say that the folks at PC World have been brought to heel and have even written an article called “10 Things We Love About Apple” which I am pretty sure is not meant to be tongue-in-cheek or ironic or anything. Numero Six on their list is my very own wonderful CEO blog, and you guys are right, this is definitely one thing you should love about Apple. I’m just glad to see that my good friend Colin Crawford is instilling some real journalism ethics over there at PC World and teaching you folks about integrity and decency and honor and the importance of keeping advertisers happy. Keep up the good work, CC-Dawg.