God I hope Murdoch buys the Journal

I’d love to see those right-wing hate mongers hoist by their own petard, taken over by someone who’s even more right-wing and brutal than they are. Suddenly these bigshot free-market reporters who always talk tough about layoffs when it’s GM or IBM now are running scared. Of course they say they’re wringing their hands about the “quality of the paper” and “editorial integrity” but come on — they’re worried because they know the place is 30% overstaffed and the Bancrofts don’t have the stomach for cuts. Murdoch, on the other hand, could squeeze a quarter between his butt cheeks and produce two dimes and a nickel plus a penny for his trouble. He’s that good. For a great example of Journalistic hypocrisy see this pathetic whingeing letter in which a Journal reporter urges his colleagues to write to the owners and plead with them to reject Murdoch’s offer — “despite their opportunity to profit tremendously from accepting the offer.” But wait a minute. Isn’t profit good? Shouldn’t the market be allowed to work? Isn’t that what you a-holes are always telling us in your paper? Isn’t that the rationale behind your attacks on me regarding backdating? That you’re defending shareholders? But now Murdoch is offering a nearly 70% premium and you reporters are urging owners not to take it? Oh, Journal hacks, you are a bunch of frauds.