Freetards now targeting Google

So Squirrel Boy is in a mini panic because the freetards have finally figured out that Google has been making cool improvements to Linux but not sharing its code back with the community. Now freetard lawyer Eben Moglen (in photo above with his pal Richard Stallman) is making noises about how Google must stop ripping off the “community” and start giving away all of its specialized code. Or else risk the wrath of Moglen and the threat of being put into FSF jail. Or something. See here. Money quote from Moglen: “(Google has) ethical and community responsibilities to return at least those modifications that are not critical to their business and that are of general value to the community. We will see over time whether there are additional measures necessary in order to secure cooperation in the community.”

Funny thing is that Moglen could have written the new Linux license, GPLv3, in such a way that it would have forced Google to do this. Instead he pussed out. But now he’s talking tough. Weird. Anyhoo, you know what? This is a lawsuit I’d really, really like to see. Really.