Crunch time

Speaking of WWDC, Friday marks the start of my one-month countdown period. We’ll be doing twice-a-day rehearsals in the re-creation of the Moscone Center that we’ve built here on the Apple campus. I’ve already started working with Katarina, my couture consultant, to find a new supplier for mock turtlenecks. Meanwhile my colorist, Annalisa, has been put on notice that starting Friday she has to cancel all other appointments so that I can have her on call, 24/7, until June 11. Not that there’s anything wrong. My beard is looking great. Just the right mix of salt and pepper. But I don’t want anything weird happening between now and the show.

Anyway, with all this on my plate, I may have to slow down my blogging. Or not. I’ll at least be checking that Org Chart Wiki to see if I’ve received any promotions or title changes. Peace out.