Arrests made in Woz attack

Weird story and not at all funny. It was the anti-DRM people. They were at Maker Faire looking for trouble. They spotted Woz and started giving him shit about iTunes and iPods. Then they saw him riding his Segway and tried to take it away from him but he put up a fight. Apparently Segways are another one of their big “most hated” products because they use closed software and DRM code that prevents people from hacking into Segways and loading Linux on them and, I don’t know, turning them into milkshake machines or something. Woz is in stable condition but he’s gonna be in the hospital for a few days. He was so confused after the attack that he initially said he was abducted by “spacemen.” The Segway is trashed. Smashed to pieces. Good news is the police were called and five of these a-holes were arrested.

Photo above shows the gang out in the street right after the attack, all proud of themselves. Photo below shows one of the attackers being tackled to the ground and pulled out of his space suit. Look close and you can see some of Woz’s blood on the suit.

Finally here’s a photo of Peter Brown, head of the Free Software Foundation, giving an interview to local TV and defending the attack, saying Woz provoked the DRM guys by riding his Segway back and forth where they were protesting.