You go, girls!

At first I thought this was some kind of new girl band. The Smugettes or something. Sort of Indigo Girls without the humor. Ahem. But no. They’re bloggers, and they’re featured in a great story on Page One of the NY Times today (see here) about nasty blogs and how Tim O’Reilly and Jimmy Wales are calling for a “code of conduct” on the blogosphere. I could not agree more. These vile bloggers must be stopped! There’s just way too much meanness and nasty behavior.

Look, when it was just civilians being attacked, that’s one thing. But now these a-holes are attacking bloggers. Including a blogger who’s friends with Tim O’Reilly. This is where we draw the line, folks. You want to call your neighbor a child molester, or claim some politician is taking bribes, or leak trade secrets from Apple so that every cloner in Asia can make a knock-off of our products, hey, that’s “protected speech,” and the Electronic Frontier Foundation will fight to their last breath to defend you. But don’t you dare start making fun of A-list bloggers! These are the heroes who are toppling the mainstream media and bringing truth and sunshine to the world. These are the defenders of free speech. If you’re going to make fun of them, well, you’re gonna get your pee-pee slapped, and you’re gonna get shut down. Simple as that.