Yeah, this is gonna sell products. Big time.

Microsoft is now using this photo of Young Bill Gates (pre deal with devil) on its web site hoping it will help sell copies of developer tools. Naturally the “inspired” spot gets super high marks from the shills at Microsoft Watch (see here) which is perhaps to be expected since they rely on Microsoft for 100% of their financial “inspiration.” The idea, according to Microsoft Watch editor and genius software pundit Joe Wilcox, is to put “a friendly marketing face on the company.” You know, the way the Germans used to put smiley face buttons on their Panzers.

Also, please note the tiny photo of Joe Wilcox. Is it just me or does this guy look like he’s holding in a poop? This is one happy bastard, right? How inspiring it must be to work at Microsoft Watch, to devote your entire being to chronicling the wondrous products that restore a sense of infantile helplessness and utter frustration to people’s lives. And dealing with all those people who are so passionate about Microsoft products. The Excel fan club, the Visual Basic crazies, the Zune-atics. Fun bunch.