Wow, Scoble bought a Mac

And the first thing he does is blog about it and ask his frigtarded readers to suggest all kinds of crapware that he can load onto his beautiful machine to mess it up. Nice. Of course Dave “An Empty Barrel Makes the Most Noise” Winer lobs in two dopey ideas. I’ve been wondering two things. One, does Scoble actually do anything other than sit at his desk posting moronic items and then engaging in comment string dialogues with readers? Does he bathe? Go to the bathroom? Eat? Well we know he eats. Look at the photo. But you can eat your desk without stopping your blog activity. Does he work? I mean at an actual job?

And two, who the hell are the bozos who actually read Scoble and participate in this circle jerk? Well, now we now. Dave Winer. Wow. When Dave Winer reads your blog you now you’ve hit the big time. This guy’s been lurking around at the edges of the tech industry and generally being a know-it-all pain in the ass for twenty years. Not surprised to find out he’s an avid Scoble pud-puller.

Please note too the way Scoble congratulates himself at the end of his item by informing his readers that one of the people he’s just mentioned is the CEO of SmugMug. Wow, Robert, when the CEO of SmugMug [ed. note, shurely shome mishtake] is reading you, you know you’ve become an “influencer” in the Valley. Whew. Little bet here. If SmugMug still exists in 2010, I’ll eat meat.

Also in the big news from Scoble category. He’s broken another huge story. Some dude from Twitter [ed. note what this?] is leaving to join Jaiku [ed. note you’re kidding right]. See here. Stop the friggin presses! The guys at the Journal are sooo pissed off. Scooped by Scoble again! Damn you Robert and the rest of your citizens journalism brigade! And damn you Twitter for not talking to us first!