We’re working on this EU pricing thing

You guys are right. This pricing system in Europe is totally out of whack. I had no idea we were charging different prices in every country and not letting people buy from whatever store they wanted, and so forth. Sure, I’m a micro-manager and a control freak, but I can’t be involved in every decision. Like how to price songs in Estonia, or how to dish out stock options to myself. These are things where I just don’t get involved. In the case of the options, well, it’s pretty clear who screwed the pooch there (cough Fred cough). In Europe the blame falls squarely at the feet of our Paris-based European director, Jean-Christophe Cul de Chat (shown in photo). Sure, he’s good looking. And cool. And related to the guy who runs one of our biggest institutional investors. He’s also as dumb as a piece of French toast. I’ve told him he’s got two months to straighten out this mess. If he can’t, we’ll promote him to SVP and move him to Cupertino. That lit a fire under his ass.