Waterloo, part 2

More thoughts Microsoft’s great stumble with Vista. I know this is obvious but the reason this stumble is so damaging today is that really strong alternatives exist, and the alternatives are seen as cooler. Don’t discount the cool factor. It’s a real thing. And we’ve got it in spades. Microsoft has become the anti-cool, the platform for losers.

The amazing thing is that Microsoft stumbled now with a bad OS just at the time when it could least afford such a mistake. Back in the era of Windows 1995, Microsoft had the field to itself. Linux was still a baby, and Apple, well, let’s say we were wandering in a dark place. And ironically in those days Microsoft was doing decent work. Sort of. Decent for them, anyway.

But now? They’re way behind. And people are starting to realize they don’t need to put up with crashes, hangs, and all the other joys of Windows. We’ve been hammering on this message for years now and it is starting to sink in, even with total frigtards. Not only is the Mac operating system cooler, it’s also better. Way better. Maybe it’s just because I live here in the Valley but honestly if you hang out here you hardly ever see Windows machines and when you do they’re the mark of the clueless. It’s like an IQ test. You see someone using a Windows machine and it’s like seeing those people in the checkout line at the grocery store writing a paper check for twelve bucks worth of stuff. You want to scream at them and go, “Jesus friggin Christ, there’s this thing called a debit card, have you heard of it? Or credit cards? Visa? Mastercard? Ringing any bells? No?”

Or, as this guy puts it: “Windows is for grandmas.”