They won’t let me trash my mansion. Wah!

So the California Supreme Court refused to get involved in my ongoing attempt to demolish my mansion in Woodside. See here. This is mostly due to the freakazoids who belong to this organization who have devoted their lives to thwarting me. And now they’re all happy and proud of themselves. These nuts got a court to say that I can’t destroy my own house and instead have to find a way to move the house from the location. But they can’t come up with any money to move the house. Or a place to put it. Or something. I’ve even offered to kick in the dough to help make it happen. Still, nothing. Folks, look at this dump. What the hell good is it to anyone? Meanwhile you should see what I want to build there. I’ve had Frank Gehry making drawings for years. Basically I want him to come up with something like this. But oh no the preservationists won’t stand for it! God forbid Woodside should move into the 21st century. Friggin philistines. They’re like Microsoft. No taste.