So busy today

No time to blog. I’m sorry. I’ve been in meetings all day working on FPPs (Fake Product Prototypes) that we’ll distribute to different parts of the company so they can be leaked to bloggers like Nick DePlume. Thing is, even with FPPs we don’t just slap something together. We put a huge amount of effort into this and treat each one like a real product. Even the engineers who are working on them don’t know if they’re working on a real product or a red herring. With each one we have a full round of non-thinking meditative evaluations by me and multiple rounds of emergent designs, each of which I say is “total shit” and “shittier than the one before” until finally I just tell them to go with the first model they had all those weeks ago. Anyhoo. I’m looking at a set of fake iPhones here that are just amazing. And yes I know we’ve already shown off the iPhone but you know what? We’re still evolving the FPPs that went with that product and we will continue to develop and refine those FPPs into the future. It’s just how we do things here. I’ve also got a beautiful batch of fake computers in the Stephen Stills conference room down the hall. The bloggers are gonna love them. Peace out.