Smugettes, revisited

BTW is it just me or is anyone else wondering how that angry Smugette in the left side of the photo can type her blog with those teeny tiny hands? They look like friggin chicken feet. Is that some kind of birth defect? Is she perhaps related to this guy? And don’t you agree that the tranny in the middle would almost be passable if he’d put some fake boobs under that sweater?

I’m also wondering whether all three Smugettes put sticks up their butts right before the picture was taken, or if they actually go around looking like this all the time. Smuggies, someone needs a high colonic, a mani-pedi-facial and a full Brazilian wax. Then shut down your friggin blog and cook my dinner, bitches! Ha! It’s a joke, gals. Ease up.

Oops. I think I just violated the blogger Code of Conduct. Officer Tim O’Reilly and Sergeant Jimmy Wales of the Blog Police will be writing me a ticket.