Philippe Kahn claims he invented the camera phone

And the bozos at USA Today fell for it. See this story here. Philippe, I’ve always admired how much you’ve accomplished in spite of being developmentally disabled. And I’ve always appreciated the way you’ll just outright lie to anyone you meet, especially journalists. What I don’t understand is why people keep falling for your lies. I mean, remember when you floated the story that you dreamed up the Quattro spreadsheet without ever looking at Lotus 1-2-3? Or when you went around telling people you were a direct descendant of Louis XIV? And that you flew fighter jets in the Gulf War, and had a black belt in karate and competed in the Olympics and had a Ph.D. from some mail-order college in California? Or maybe that was someone else. Anyhoo. Just a word of warning to all of you journalist types: Philippe couldn’t find his asshole with both hands and a flashlight. And a map. And a tour guide. Honestly.