Our PR people are freaking out

Because New York magazine is running an article that our PR bozos claim makes me look like a bully or a cry-baby or both. The story is actually about the new editor of Time magazine, Richard Stengel, and way down low in the story (see here) there’s a bit about how I called Stengel and bitch-slapped him after one of his little prick reporters took some cheap shots about our options “issues” in a piece that was supposed to be about the iPhone. Look, a deal is a deal. Stengel had promised me the story would contain no mention of the options stuff. It’s the only way I would agree to do the story. Poor Stengel. Now here in New York magazine they make him say it was a “weak moment” for his magazine’s journalism. I think it was a strong moment for Stengel’s integrity. He made a deal with his magazine’s most important advertiser (me) and he stuck to it. I think that’s classy.