New tees from the interns

Well Dasha and Iulia are busy as hell here in Krasnodar, dreaming up new products for the Fake Steve shop on Cafe Press. We’re printing them up now so that everyone will have time to place orders and get shirts to wear to the WWDC in June. Shown are two new T-shirts — a redesigned “Dell baby seal” shirt and a new one called “Namaste.”

These small photos don’t do them justice. To get the full monty, go to the shop and see the larger images. Dasha and Iulia have redone the “Dell baby seal” T-shirt so the image takes up more space on the shirt. And frankly I think the new black “Namaste” T-shirts are gorgeous. Also check out the coffee mugs and book bag. What better way to say, “I honor the place where you and I become one.”

If anyone would like to design something especially for WWDC, send in ideas. But I think these shirts will do fine, especially the Namaste in black.

We need to send a huge “Much Love” to our dear friend Mikolaj Kamler in Warsaw. He’s the artistic genius who did all the art and layout work to make these products possible. Check out his company’s amazing online workshop here to see some of the graphics and animation he and his partner, Zuzanna, have done. Mikolaj is a devoted reader and, it turns out, an astonishingly good artist. Check out his bio in the “About” page. He’s not an amateur. We hope to see more from him in the future. Stay tuned.

Also, in the interest of giving all credit where it’s due, the original Namaste button was designed by another dear reader, Tyler Hall. Thanks, T.