Nanny state at its finest

Lot of people writing in to inform me that the EU Commission was trying to rain on our parade today by confirming their antitrust investigation. See here. Not sure what to say about this really. And I’m not sure what we should do. Get out of the music business? Shut down our iTunes store? Stop making iPods? Or maybe we can just let a bunch of people in Brussels figure out what price we should charge for each song in each country. Fine. Fair enough. Just send us the price list. Heck, maybe these Brussellians can go out and do our component sourcing in Asia for us. They can haggle with the Taiwanese and get us a better price on chips. Maybe they can do all the arm-twisting in Hollywood and at the music labels too, and work out all the contracts. And at the end of each quarter just let us know how much we sold and whether or not we made any profit. I can kind of guess the answer to the last one but whatever.