Microsoft lickspittle says Apple fans are bullies

Microsoft ass-muncher Paul Thurrott posts this item saying that even though Apple fans gloated about the Vista delays, he’s not going to gloat about our Leopard delays. Then he goes ahead and gloats. Worse, he actually double-gloats by claiming that he’s a better person than we are because he’s not gloating. In other words, he’s gloating about his alleged non-gloating! Canyoufrigginbelieveit? Not sure it’s fair to equate a tiny slip in Leopard with the problems Vista suffered. Anyhoo. Check out the money quote where Mr. Asshat manages to insult Apple fans while at the same time giving himself a great big Microsoft pat on the back for being so fair and above-the-fray:

“I’ve often argued that Apple made great products but could be a spiteful bully, and that its hard core fans have emulated that style in their dealings with people who disagreed with them. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak, I won’t stoop to that level. But this is a nice chance for the Apple community to adopt a humbler approach in their dealings with the outside world. Making an operating system is hard, and we can and should cut Apple some slack when there are problems. Maybe Apple and its fans could extend the same courtesy.”