Kind of Blue

So there’s a few albums I always go back to on days like this. “Kind of Blue” by Miles is one. Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” is another. I’ve got the new re-release on 180-gram vinyl, and it’s been on heavy rotation here in the Jobs Pod today. It’s the only way I can listen to music now that I’ve smashed my iPod Hi-Fi during a Ballmeresque tantrum this afternoon.

Very ugly meeting in the David Crosby conference room this morning. Jerry York and his friggin dog breath, and all the rest of the board, including the old dude from J. Crew whose name I can never remember. (He slept through the whole thing, as usual.) Al Gore connected in live via an iSight camera and iChat AV software, and once again started talking about how he needs to resign. The merde is hitting the fan, folks. We’re putting on a brave face for the public but behind the scenes it’s tears of a clown time.