I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings

Apple faithful, I know some of you are offended or hurt by things you read on this blog. But I can’t hold back. I can’t censor myself. The idea of this blog is to give you an honest, unvarnished look into my soul. As I’ve said before, this is what genius looks like. It ain’t always pretty. Ever read an interview with Norman Mailer? Or Bobby Fischer? Faithful, I know you love our products. I know they restore a sense of childlike wonder to your lives. Perhaps thought I would be as whimsical and cheery as a lime green iPod Nano? I’m sorry. Fact is, I’m dark. Is this paradoxical? Not really. Great art comes from dark places. This is how the creative process works. This is the hero’s journey. In order to create I must wander into the dark shadows in my soul. This blog is a way for you to accompany me on that journey. If you’d rather not go there — if you’d rather just buy the shiny products and marvel at how good they make you feel, and not know about my demons — I understand. I don’t blame you. The journey is often unpleasant for me too. There are many times I wish I could be spared, my cup taken away. Alas, it is my destiny to suffer so that others might enjoy the finest consumer electronics. All I ask is that you use them in memory of me. Peace be with you, my peace I give you. Namaste. I honor the place where you and I become one (and where you, very often, don’t enjoy this experience).