I want to feel bad for Nancy and Fred

But honestly, I’m just pissed at them. Why’s that you say? Because even now they’re completely unrepentant. They have no remorse for what they did. They’ve put me and everyone else here at Apple in terrible jeopardy. They’ve caused the whole company to be distracted. And when confronted with what they’ve done, how do they respond? They point the finger at the Jobsmeister. Lame, lame, lame. Well, the SEC isn’t being fooled. See here.

Nancy and Fred, if you’d at least had the decency to admit that you did something wrong and to say that you were sorry, maybe I’d feel bad for you or even lift a finger to help you. But as it is, I’m just too hurt and angry. Really. I feel so … betrayed. And violated. I mean, I trusted you people. If it’s any consolation, Jerry York says you’ll do 18 months at the most, and definitely in a minimum security place.