Hillary is taking this black thing too far

Look at her. The wig, the hat, the gun, the tight shorts. Honestly, it’s ridiculous. And she doesn’t just do it in front of black audiences. After the SEC stuff heated up this week I set up a meeting with Hillary — this was Al Gore’s idea — and asked her, flat out, if she could help me. As you may know, Hillary and I have had our issues (see here) but Al insisted that Hillary was ready to let bygones be bygones. So we set up the meeting and she walks in looking like this. She’s like, “Wazzup, playa? HRC in da house what what? You wants mah hep you gots to pay ma bills, pimp! You understand? Send me some money and ah’ll see whats I can do.” I mean it was really disconcerting.

And here she is taking a swing at Barack Obama and calling him an “ofay” after the debate last night. So yeah. She’s scary. To help me with the SEC she wants ten million bucks. We sent her two and we’ll see what comes of it. But honestly, I think she’s gone off the deep end. Though I must say, she’s worked on the butt and it’s looking pretty damn good.