Help wanted

So I’m feeling kind of hungover and nasty this morning. Can any of you super creative artsy guys out there put the faces of Tim O’Reilly and Jimmy Wales on the photo above, and do something funny with the words too?

Or just focus on Tim. Find a photo of O’Reilly and Photoshop a sheriff’s hat and badge onto him. Or put Tim’s face on a sheriff’s body from an old Western.

I think it would be cool to make up an official “Tim O’Reilly, sheriff of the Internet” photo that we could circulate. We could even use it as a “badge of honor” to put on obnoxious websites that proudly refuse to abide by Tim’s code. We’d be the first to put this “badge” on our site. “This site NOT approved by Tim O’Reilly.” Or “Intolerant people must be silenced.” Or something. Heck, it might even make a cool T-shirt.

Another idea: Tim O’Reilly as a sheriff in a gun battle with FSJ.

Another: Just redo Tim’s badge with a different slogan. Instead of “civility enforced” maybe the word “Intolerance” with a circle and diagonal line through it. And yes, I realize that frigtards will not get the humor of saying “We’re not going to tolerate intolerance.” But that’s the whole idea, to weed those people out.