Help a Linux lover live his dream

Some Linux lover guy has set an ambitious goal. He wants to put a Linux advertisement on an Indy 500 car. See here. All he needs to do is raise $350,000 in a month. And as he points out, this should be easy because there are so many millions of Linux users, and all he needs is for 350,000 of them to send him a dollar each. Unfortunately the freetards haven’t been cooperating, and so far he’s raised only $5,000. Weird, right? I mean, who would have thought that people who use free software would turn out to be cheapskates? Worse yet, instead of sending money, a bunch of the Linux freaks instead decided to attack his website and splatter porn all over it. See his complaint about the whole thing here.

It’s really worth reading these articles to get a glimpse of a full-blown Microsoft panic. Note, for example, his link to some Microsoft take-over-the-planet documents, which Linux Man calls “Evangalism [sic] is War.” Sadly, he seems to be under the impression that if the entire world does not adopt Linux, we’ll all be doomed to use nothing but Microsoft software. Should we maybe tell him about OS X? More important, should we help this dude out and send him some money so he can have his Linux race car?

And why oh why are these Linu-tics always hatching these grand schemes, like online petitions and fund-raising campaigns? Why can’t they just be like Apple fans, and just buy their superior products and smugly shake their heads at the dopes who don’t know any better than to run Windows?