Friggin Yoko

Now I know why these guys all quit the band rather than hang around with her. We’re just about to go out to the press conference, I mean it’s like minutes away, and somehow Loony-San gets out of her cage and manages to get a phone and dial a lawyer. God I hate friggin lawyers. Unless they’re my lawyers, in which case they just make me slightly nauseated. So we’re on hold again. Same old crazy demands. We have to call the band “John Lennon and the Beatles” and we have to list Yoko as the third songwriter on everything John did after he met her. So it’ll be Ono-Lennon-McCartney. Paul says he’d chew off his own leg (bad image, I know) before he lets that happen. Man this is just killing me. But I vow to you, dear friends, I will not rest until Apple (my Apple, the good Apple) is selling the entire Beatles catalog online.