All these rumors about Neil Aspinall quitting the Beatles

So Neil Aspinall has stepped down. See here.

But people are making way too much of this. Like saying that Neil was the impediment to selling the Beatles catalog online, and that now that he’s gone, the deal will get done. Or saying that we pushed him out. Or that we got Jerry York to send over some of his pals from the agency to have a talk with him. Or that Al Gore got Tony Blair to threaten to investigate Neil’s tax returns.

Well, I wish it were that exciting. But the truth is much simpler. Look, Neil is 64 years old. He’s been doing this job in various capacities for 40 years. He wants to go spend time doing things he loves. And, let’s face it, he was a bit over his head as the CEO of a company. Great roadie. Great chauffeur. Great guy to go out and score your drugs for you, and help you stay centered when you’re having a bad acid trip (see photo above). Most of all, a great friend. Neil, you’ll be missed.