Put it this way. When the Journal does a story like this one, saying how the board is taking a bigger role in day-to-day, it doesn’t happen by accident. Okay? The board teed up this story and planted it in the Journal. Who do you think the anonymous sources “close to the matter” are? This is the board’s way of telling the institutional shareholders: Don’t worry, we’re pushing this idiot out of here as fast as we can.

Poor old Ed. Or, um, “Fast Eddie,” as he likes to be called. Guy always chafed under McNealy at Sun, always bitched about how he wanted to be the top gun. But it’s a classic case of the Peter Principle at work. I mean, Ed’s a nice enough guy — well, okay, strike that; Ed’s a total friggin dick — but anyway, he’d be great, or at least competent, running a sales division. Or a Greek restaurant. Or a chain of cut-price consumer electronics retail stores. But trying to run a $40 billion company? Waaay over his head. Glug glug. That sound you hear? That’s Ed’s career going down the drain.