You must be joking

Did anyone else bother to look through the Internet videos that others recommended on the comment string? I gotta tell you, it’s disappointing, innit? I mean there’s a billion friggin people using the Internet and this is the best the entire planet can produce? Are you friggin kidding me? From the entire planet, turned loose with computers, cameras, and free bandwidth, this is it? Fair enough, some of the animation is pretty good. Ninjai the Little Ninja is compelling. But the live action stuff falls way short. None of this stuff could be shown on real TV.

Think about the early days of cable. What was the “killer app”? What was the thing that made people sign up and pay for cable TV after years of getting broadcast TV for free? HBO and Cinemax. Movie channels. Cable was just a wider pipe — a way for people to get at killer content that otherwise sat untapped in archives. Same for the Internet but it’s even wider and it allows for non-linear programming.