Why we love Walt Mossberg

Check out his review of Apple TV in this morning’s Wall Street Journal. As Walt points out, our product:

* won’t work with older TVs;
* can’t record cable or satellite TV;
* can’t play DVDs;
* can’t stream video or audio directly from the Internet;
* won’t let you buy media directly from iTunes;
* won’t play music in Microsoft’s formats, even from a Windows PC;
* won’t let you change volume using the Apple remote;
* won’t let you plug in an extra hard drive for more capacity.

This last bit is kind of a pain since as Walt points out, a 40GB drive “is too small to hold many TV shows or movies.” Furthermore, Walt points out that Microsoft’s Xbox 360, unlike our machine, can directly purchase and download media from the Internet; can play Windows formatted content; can play DVDs; and, oh yea, also happens to play games. But, as Walt points out, you get only a 20GB drive and the price is $399, which Walt “not a math major” Mossberg calculates to be 50% more than the $299 price for Apple TV.

So, should you buy Apple TV? Absolutely, says Walt. He gives it four thumbs up, raves about its simplicity and elegance, and tells you not to worry about the features we don’t have, because even though Apple won’t discuss these issues, Walt is sure that many of these features will become available in the future.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Oh wait. Um…

Much love, Goatberg. Baaa. Baaa.