Welcome to the jungle, Squirrel Boy

Poor Eric Schmidt. He’s really bumming out now that he’s finding out how rough these Hollywood gangsters like to play. And it’s not just the Viacom lawsuit. See this story where he whines about the way these bandits do business: “I have learned that, as part of being a player in the media industry, the way one negotiates is, everything is leaked and you’re sued to death.” Dude, I told you that two years ago.

Bottom line is this. The movie mobsters saw what Google did to the newspaper guys. Lure them online with some fear-mongering about how they can’t afford to be late to the party, then sell ads against their content and wipe them out. Oh, and tell everyone, “Don’t be evil.” The movie guys really love the “Don’t be evil” slogan. Every time they meet with Eric they bring it up and then burst out laughing. Schmidt sits there fuming. Page and Brin aren’t even allowed to go to these sit-downs anymore because the movie guys started setting up little playrooms for them stocked with Legos and other toys over in the corner, with little kiddie chairs and a tiny table.