Stupid quote of the week

So I went back and read that long anonymous comment from the dude who was pissed about my Web 2.0 “fireflies” piece. And yeah, okay, I’ve been trying to strike a conciliatory tone lately. But you know what? I have to say that when I read that comment of his again there’s one line in that piece that strikes me as the stupidest thing I’ve heard in ages. To wit:

“The Internet … is a party.”

Oh really? Dude, come on. That’s just shit-for-brains dumb. That’s dumber than that politician guy who called the Internet a series of tubes. But at the same time what I love about this quote is that it truly encapsulate everything that’s dumb and awful and smug and fatuous about this whole Web 2.0 craze. It’s exactly the kind of thing that some Yelptard would think up and say in a pitch meeting when they go for their next round of funding. (Which, unfortunately, they will get.) From there it will spread and Om Malik and Michael Arrington will turn it into a “trope” or a “meme” and then Wired (print edition) will do a cover story on it and pretty soon it will be on a T-shirt.

Yeah. The Internet is party. Dude, that’s friggin deep. Like, profound, man.