Squirrel Boy begs to differ

So Eric calls me up all pissed off and tells me I’m suffering from a massive case of recto-cranial inversion on this Internet content thing. He says he’s the king of the Internet and that I’m a dope for calling all these new Internet-only shows “the Special Olympics version of real TV.” He says go back and look at the early days of cable, and the stuff that was running then. Same phenomenon happening now on the Internet, he says. Eric also says I’m a chump and a whore for trying to play nice with the Hollywood guys instead of doing battle with them the way Google is doing. And just like the anonymous poster, Eric says the real power of the Internet lies in its ability to give regular folks the tools for doing their own TV, and that this is where the really amazing stuff is going to come from. Which is why he bought YouTube.

Well, I don’t know. I’ve never been wrong before but there’s always a first time. So I told him that in the spirit of audience participation I would turn this over to my blog readers. Tell me: Is there anything on the Internet that’s as good as TV or even better? What’s the best stuff out there? What are the hidden gems? I must admit, I’m so busy up in the JobsPod trying to design beautiful devices that restore a sense of childlike wonder to people’s lives that I don’t have time to keep up with all these Internet TV shows.

Note: We’re only talking about video here. Send along links and we’ll post the good ones. Much love.