Pat Russo, I hope you get crabs

You know I hate Microsoft but honestly I’m kind of rooting for them in this lawsuit against Alcatel-Lucent over the MP3 thing. And I’m glad that they’ve apparently won a round in the case. No, not because these telecom a-holes will come after us next. I’d be glad to ditch MP3. What upsets me is seeing what’s happened to Bell Labs. This was one of the greatest science labs ever created. They developed the transistor, the laser and Unix. Friggin Arno Penzias did the work on the Big Bang for Christ’s sake. But after the split they got sucked into Lucent. Then Pat Russo and the other frigtarded phone system lifers who got put in charge at Lucent ran the place into the rocks. Honestly you have never met a bigger bunch of buffoons than the clowns who run Lucent. After years of pissing away a seemingly unbeatable lead, in a last-gasp desperation move they hook up with Alcatel. Two boat anchors trying to teach each other to swim. Now they’re digging through their patent portfolio looking for stuff they can wring a few bucks out of. Here’s the thing. There are only two kinds of companies: ones that are growing and ones that are dying. Alcatel-Lucent used to be dying companies. Then they died and now they are a zombie company. Already dead but still somehow walking the earth, and trying to feed on the blood of the living. Unable to create products of their own, they instead try to suck the life out of companies that do make products. Ugly stuff. Pat Russo, I hope you get crabs.