O, Bulgaria, defender of freedom

Meet Meglena Kuneva. Looks like a real barrel of laughs, right? She’s some kind of minister at the EU and now she too is joining the freetard chorus about iTunes and iPods. Jesus. See here. Ms. Sourpuss says it’s not right that iTunes songs only play on an iPod. She’s very, very upset about this. Well, folks, isn’t this just your typical European nanny state mentality? Why should a government feel the need to get involved in this? Meg, if your subjects don’t like the way iTunes and iPods are set up, they don’t have to buy them. They have absolute freedom of choice here. The market can vote with its dollars. I realize this is probably a novel concept for someone from, um, Bulgaria. No, seriously. I really do want to get some lessons in morality from a politician whose native country sided with the Nazis in the second World War, then fell in with the Soviets for a few decades. Yep. Please, Meglena Kuneva. Please teach me right from wrong, O heroic defender of human rights. You’re all about freedom, aren’t you? Thank you, thank you, for saving the world from the curse of DRM on iTunes.