Much love, Wired News

So the bright minds at Wired (read: Leander Kahney) have published this brilliant piece explaining why Macs are so hot right now. For one thing, companies are buying them to save money. So much for the old myth about Macs costing more than PCs. And for the myth that Macs aren’t right for “corporate” customers. CIOs are buying these things at home and then going to work and going, Why the frig do we have these lousy Windows machines?

Leander also praises us for doing what customers want and offering fewer features and more simplicity. He also manages to skewer that fat old gasbag Rob Glaser of RealNetworks (maker of RealShittySoftware) who in 2003 declared that by now Apple would have only 3% market share in music players because people don’t like “closed” systems. Um, no, Rob. What people don’t like is chaos and confusion and too many moving parts that don’t really work together. People buy “closed” systems all the time. My Mercedes is a closed system — can’t use Toyota or BMW parts in it. (Please, no letters about how I can put any brand of tire I want on it; you get the point.) Same for my super-expensive top-of-the-line oven, and refrigerator and TV. Would it be nice if I could go out and get all sorts of third-party crap from Rob Glaser to customize my refrigerator? Sure. Especially when after installing this stuff my refrigerator’s icemaker stopped working. Yup. That’s the kind of “freedom” people don’t want. Which is why the MicroTards now are copying our “closed” system with one of their own. Namaste, Leander. I bow to your genius. I honor the place where you and I are one.