Mat Honan’s style guide

Well I was wondering about this Cult of Mac dude, Mat Honan, who’s been busting my balls for wearing the same outfit all the time. Figured I’d do a little Googling on old Mat with one T. Wow, you won’t believe what I found. Seems Mat’s got a signature look of his own.

See 1 here and 2 here and 3 here and 4 here and 5 here and 6 here and 7 here and 8 here and 9 here and 10 here and 11 here.

Dude, you went to Asia for a month and you brought one friggin shirt! What is up with that? You should put that shirt in a museum or something.

Then here and here you went a little crazy and wore a slightly different shade of red. And here you’ve got a non-red T-shirt but the same blue baseball cap. Mixing it up and getting wild!

Much love, Cult of Mac dudes! You know I loves ya. But don’t be crackin on my sartorial statements.