Lesson: Don’t joke about global warming

Man oh man. Talk about angry feedback. That bit about Gore and his frigtarded crusade to save the planet really hit a nerve. Check out the comment strings. Dudes are canceling their subscriptions, removing my blog from their feed readers. All because they didn’t like a joke. Wow. This reminds me of the controversy over gay longhairs from last September when a bunch of people got offended and left.

I still cannot figure out how a blog devoted to all things Macintosh could attract so many sanctimonious, holier-than-thou types. We’re Mac people, right? We think different. Don’t we? And what is it about this climate change stuff that drives people so around the bend? I mean, okay, I can see getting all pissed off and religious about convincing the world that Macs are better than Windows PCs. That’s something worth devoting your every breath to. But climate change?

My theory is that the pissed off notes are from trolls, guys like T.J. Rodgers and John Doerr who don’t want anyone messing with their green tech solar panel poorly named companies. In which case, as-salamu alaykum, my brothers. If there’s money to be made, then keep that hype machine rolling. And, as several readers pointed out, Al Gore did win an Oscar. How much more proof do we need that global warming is real? Although, as the photo above shows, there is now some suspicion that Al Gore is actually the cause of global warming.