Freetards at MIT destroying perfectly good iPods

If you’ve ever wondered why nothing useful has ever come out of Nicholas Negroponte’s MIT Media Lab, see this video. Twenty years of letting wannabes and posers play at being computer geeks, all subsidized by U.S. tax dollars. Now their big project is installing some crapware on iPods that breaks the DRM code — or, as one freetard puts it, “reconfigures the power relationship between you and your technology.” Wow. Maybe you didn’t realize you had a power relationship with your iPod. You just thought it was for playing music on the way to work. Who knew? Well, thanks, there, you Foucault-reading, latte-gulping graduate student, for saving the world from the tyranny of Apple. Let’s go get ice cream cones at Toscanini’s and you can tell us about Jeremy Bentham and the panopticon, and how the iPod is training us to imprison ourselves. But then shouldn’t you be getting back to your schoolwork? Hilarious.

Best part of the video comes near the end. The little fruitcake leader of the group is describing this “event” where they invited people to bring in their iPods and get the freedom software installed. He’s like, “Yeah it was a great success except for one disappointment which was that two people actually went out and bought new iPods for this event, which wasn’t really the idea, we wanted to liberate people’s iPods, not create an incentive for people to buy more iPods. So in the future we’ll need to be a little more clear on that.”

D’oh! Friggin freetarded MIT graduate students! How the hell did you morons ever get into MIT in the first place? Oh that’s right. It’s the Media Lab. Not the real MIT. By the way, kids — when you put that crapware on your iPod you void your warranty. Just letting you know.