The Free Software Foundation wants my head in a jester’s cap

Well the loonies at the Free Software Foundation who launched their “Defective by Design” anti-DRM campaign are demanding that I drop DRM from iTunes by April 1, and if I don’t, they’re gonna … wait for it … send me a jester’s hat! Noooooo! And they’ve written an open letter and started a petition, of course, because these freaks just friggin love creating open letters and petitions. What the frig they do with their lives when they’re not writing open letters and signing petitions is beyond me. Anyhoo, see here. As with the iTunes on Linux petition, I’m encouraging all of my readers to sign this thing and crank up the pressure on me, goddammit! Olga Fukyercelf, are you listening? Dick Hertz? Mike Hunt? Let’s roll, people. And there’s a comment section too so you can say something nice about FSJ. Now be careful. For one thing, these freaks are demanding an email address, and they’re also probably tracking IP addresses. (Because in case you hadn’t noticed, Comrade Stallman and his Freedom Brigade learned most of their “freedom” tactics from Comrade Stalin.) Also, they’ll probably start blocking links from this blog once the names start rollling in. So you’re better off typing the URL into a fresh browser screen. Here it is: