Professor Lawrence Lessig writes from Berlin to correct my post from earlier today:

“Hey, fake steve,
so your post is funny, but really wrong. I have never — ever —
received a dime from Google. The Center the WSJ wrote about has been
around since I came to Stanford (2000). It is funded by Stanford. I
get no funding from the Center; my salary doesn’t depend at all on
what money the Center gets. The Center has been critical of Google (w/
r/t privacy, e.g.) and supportive (w/r/t fair use). The fact that
Google gave money to Stanford to support the work of the Stanford
matters as much to my work as the fact that (spectrum mogul) Berkman
gave money to Harvard to endow the chair I had at Harvard. You may or
may not believe that, but the statement, Lessig “is on the payroll of
Google” is just flatly false.”

Fake Steve regrets the error. We’ve amended the original item.