This options thing actually has nothing to do with me

So I was talking to Jerry York about all this legal stuff. He says there’s nothing he can do to pull strings in Washington. The orders on this one go all the way to the top. He says that first of all the Bushies are pissed cause I’ve been such a vocal supporter of Democrats. But also, the real target, according to Jerry, isn’t me — it’s Al Gore. Basically the Bushies want to tar him with this, and I’m just caught in the crossfire. The Repubes figure they can neutralize Al and keep him from running. They don’t need to bring charges — yet. But when they do, it’s not just the management team that’s gonna get hit, it’s the board too.

Jerry’s like, Kid I told you from the start we shouldn’t put that retard on the board, with all this global warming bullshit and his big fat dumb drawl and all his political enemies. Do you realize how much Bush hates this guy? And you go and put him on your board. Smart, kid. Friggin brilliant. You knew last summer that he was nuts. Hell, he called and told you himself that he’s wacky. Damn, kid.