Bill Maher is stealing my material

No shit. I happened to tune in to some channel last night and saw the big Hugh Hefner wannabe doing his monologue and right in the middle of it he pops off a joke about Britney Spears shaving her head: “At least now the drapes match the carpet,” he says. Hmmm. Seems I’ve seen that someplace else recently. Like here. Look, writers for Bill Maher. I know you’re desperate for material, and I’m flattered that you’re reading my blog. But if you’re gonna steal my stuff, at least throw me a bone, okay? Help a brother out. Or maybe it’s just a case of great minds thinking alike and we both thought of the exact same joke. Fair enough. Nonetheless I had that joke patented and ran with it first. Apple lawyers will be checking in soon and let’s do this like gentlemen, without going to court. Okay? Mwah. Love ya.