Apple: Best retailer in America

Better sales per square foot than Tiffany, Saks and Best Buy — combined. That’s according to Fortune, citing a report from Sanford Bernstein. See here. I like the way they tweaked Businessweek for lecturing to us back in 2001 about why our retail stores wouldn’t work. Smooth move, Businessweek. You morons. And though I did try to throw some credit to other people in the article, trust me, the stores were all my idea. And I designed every bit of the space. If you saw what the frigtards first came up with, you’d hurl. I even had to go in and choose the kind of stainless steel we’re using. And all of our wood — not only the hand-lacquered Danish maple that you can see in the store space but even the boards that are behind the dry wall, the two-by-fours and plywood — comes from specially grown trees, and I personally select each board by hand, rejecting on average 19 out of every 20 pieces. You know what? The quality shows. It’s that attention to detail that makes us, well, I’ll just say it: better than other people.