Another shitty Windows laptop foisted upon an unsuspecting public

Nice to know that even if you put Windows in a smaller container, it still blows just as much as on a full-size machine. That at least is the conclusion of this story about the new FrigStart, er, I mean FlipStart from Paul Allen. Dude, why the hell are you using Windows in this thing? Honestly. I mean, Microsoft is stuck with this hairball because they need to stay backward compatible. At least I think that’s their excuse. What the hell is yours?

PS when I saw the headline on this story — “Review: The Little Laptop That Can’t” — I thought it must be a piece about the One Laptop Per Child fiasco. But of course not. Nobody in the press will come out and admit what a failed piece of shit that machine is. You wait and see. They’ll forgive all its flaws, no matter how glaring. Because nobody wants to say anything bad about a bunch of wooly academics who seem to have such noble goals. (Even though, when you peel that onion you bit you’ll find that the real goal has nothing to do with helping little kids and everything to do with Nicholas Negroponte being an incredible egomaniac. Mark my words, nobody will dare say that either.)