Al Gore has an answer for everything

So I was talking to Al Gore about some Apple-related business and I asked him what he thought about this new documentary called “The Great Global Warming Swindle” that’s coming out saying that all this global warming stuff is just hype and bullshit. Gore says it’s all funded by oil companies. So I said but what about this French climate scientist who used to agree with you but now says the data doesn’t support your theories? This French dude says that all the studies that have been commissioned have failed to prove conclusively that global warming is caused by man. Gore says, “Look, you know, you can look at ice cores, you can do the carbon dating and what have you, and you can have data that goes this way or the other way, but in the end do we really care what the data says? I think saving our planet is a little bit more important than just going out and gathering more and more data.”

So I tell him how I just read something about Toronto having the coldest winter in its history, and New York hitting record cold temps too, and China getting hit with its biggest snowstorm in a century. But Al explained to me that these things, too, are caused by global warming. “That’s why global warming is so dangerous and scary,” he says. “Not only can global warming make the world warmer, but it can also make the world colder. It’s a double whammy. This is why I’m saying we have to do something about this right now.” I’m like, “Dude, that doesn’t make any sense.” He goes, “I know, Steve, it’s kind of complicated, and unless you’ve spent the last 20 years studying this stuff, well, it’s kind of hard to get your mind around it. You didn’t take a lot of science in college, did you? Oh, that’s right. Sorry.”